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Unplugged Dev Talks Finger-Tracked Air Guitar, Setlists And More

Unplugged Dev Talks Finger-Tracked Air Guitar, Setlists And More

We sit down with Unplugged to talk bringing finger-tracked air guitar to VR.

Though he’s not a member of developer Anotherway or publisher Vertigo Games, Marcus Henderson has become a bit of a spokesperson for Unplugged, and it’s clear to see why. The producer, himself a former touring musician, helped kickstart the Guitar Hero franchise with rerecords of songs in the original games, before moving onto new roles with later entries in the series and other music games.

Unplugged Interview

In his own words, videogames and music are Henderson’s two passions, and he feels very lucky to be embracing both in his career. The latest stop on that tour is working on this finger-tracked VR music game.

In the video above, we talk to Henderson about what to expect from Unplugged. We chat about the differences between handling a physical peripheral in Guitar Hero and working with thin air in VR, and how that changes the design of a song. Though the team isn’t ready to talk specifics on the tracklist just yet, we also talk about picking and choosing tunes from different eras and keeping a wide variety of people happy.

Looking for more? Check out Henderson introducing the game earlier this month.

There’s plenty more Unplugged content coming up on Upload Access. Stick with us later this month for the reveal of the game’s release date and the full tracklist. We’ll also have Henderson joining us in our studio for a live Q&A during the VR Gamescast towards the end of the month.

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