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UNDERDOGS Enters The Arena Next Year On Quest

UNDERDOGS Enters The Arena Next Year On Quest

Developed by Racket: NX team One Hamsa, UNDERDOGS brings a futuristic physics-based roguelike mech brawler to Quest next year.

Revealed during today's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Underdogs takes us to the 22nd century, entering the harsh undergrounds fighting pits of New Brakka in a five-ton Gorilla Mech. Using comic book-themed visuals for cutscenes, UNDERDOGS features roguelike mechanics, offering 100+ items from chainsaws to wrecking balls. You'll deal with "gangsters and psychos" in a city described as a "dog-eat-dog s#@^ show."

Here's a gameplay outline, provided by One Hamsa.

Wrap yourself in 5 tons of metal and go smashing through a dark scene of underground pit fights! Bash, crush, maul and rip apart enemy bots and mechs - it’s full on metal-on-metal violence in this first of its kind physics-based mech brawler. Your little bruv King is in your corner - hacking your enemies and giving you lip while you fight like a wild animal, smashing car sized pit bots that wanna kill you dead to the the deafening roars of the blood thirsty crowds.

UNDERDOGS arrives on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro in early 2024.

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