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Undead Citadel Is A Gorgeous-Looking Medieval Zombie Slayer

Undead Citadel Is A Gorgeous-Looking Medieval Zombie Slayer

If you’re fed up of the Christmas spirit and want to get back to the bloodthirsty videogame murderizing we enjoy for the rest of the year, then you might want to check out this new trailer for Undead Citadel.

The game’s being developed by Dark Curry (great name) and appears to be a medieval-era zombie slayer. We really don’t know that much about it but the impressive visuals seen in this teaser clip caught our eye. It sounds like someone called Carnax has perhaps transported you back in time to face off with hordes of the undead. The developer says the game will focus on “physics driven close/ranged” combat.

We’ll no doubt learn more about Undead Citadel in the coming year, though you can already sign up to a newsletter via the game’s official website. We also got the featured image from the developer’s own website which reveals that this team also worked on goal-saving VR game, Final Soccer. That’s quite a switch in tone.

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