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Hand-Painted VR Adventure Unbinary Hits Quest This Week

Hand-Painted VR Adventure Unbinary Hits Quest This Week

You’ll be able to play the Quest version of hand-painted VR adventure, Unbinary, later this week.

The new game from Ludact has just been listed for a February 17 release on the platform. It’s already available on Steam via early access, so expect the full version to launch there around the same time too. Check out the most recent trailer for the game below.

In the game, you’re sent to audit an AI named Webby set to be placed in charge of Earth. You’ll be solving puzzles as you journey through Webby’s systems, fixing potential errors and build up Webby’s capabilities.

We were drawn to the game thanks to its striking art style, which was created inside VR. It remains to be seen if Unbinary will deliver a compelling story and/or gameplay to back up its aesthetic, though.

Are you going to be picking up Unbinary? Let us know in the comments below!

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