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Gorgeous Hand-Painted Puzzle Game Unbinary Launches This Week

Gorgeous Hand-Painted Puzzle Game Unbinary Launches This Week

Strikingly gorgeous VR puzzle game, Unbinary, is launching on PC VR this week.

Ludact’s hand-painted adventure will arriving on SteamVR on March 26th with native support for the Oculus Rift. Unbinary’s environments and character models were all made by hand inside of Oculus Quill. We think you’ll agree the results are pretty stunning. See for yourself in the trailer below.

The game is set in what Ludact calls a moment in “future human history” in which an advanced AI named Webby is about to become the ruler of the world. Before she’s given power, though, the player needs to audit her. That involves taking part in Webby’s simulations to test out her capabilities.

Gameplay sees players putting on different marks that give them different abilities. An unusual premise for sure, but Ludact’s Egon Ribeiro says it’s one with intent.

“The biases of society are everywhere. We tried to imagine how would it be a world as seen by a super AI modeled after all these biased datasets. What could happen there? We didn’t spare acid humor and a comic book art style, hand-drawn inside VR, to immerse players in this dystopic story. We want people to get first-person into Webby’s visions of the world, embarking into an adventure spiced with full-body gameplay, Quill-made art style, and revelations that will tease your thoughts,” the developer said in a prepared statement.

Unbinary is launching with a planned brief-stint in Early Access. This launch will have the game’s first two stages, but there are seven planned in total. Early Access is aiming to last between one to two months, during which time the game will be cheaper than the full launch.

Will you be checking out Unbinary? Let us know in the comments below!

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