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Watch: First Quest 2 Footage Of Ultrawings 2 Debuts

Watch: First Quest 2 Footage Of Ultrawings 2 Debuts

We’ve got our first look at Bit Planet Games’ Ultrawings 2 running on Meta Quest 2.

We debuted the footage as part of this week’s Upload VR Showcase. Feast your eyes on over a minute of clips below.

Ultrawings 2 Quest Gameplay Reveal

The footage shows the first island you’ll visit in the game, along with a tease of a few others, plus some combat. The latter feature is new to the series and will see you take part in dogfights, though there are still plenty of other mission types too.

Bit Planet is also bringing the game to PC VR, but the Quest 2 version consists of remade assets specific to the platform so that the studio can retain the sweeping draw distance when you look out across the map, and allow you to visit other islands without loading screens. You’ll be weaving through buildings in city environments and swooping down into canyons, too. Overall Bit Planet is aiming for a much bigger experience with this game.

Currently, Bit Planet is planning to release the game on Quest 2 in February of next year, with a PC VR version following likely sometime in Q1, though keep in mind those dates could shift. We’ve been hands-on with the game and spoken to Bit Planet about its development, so we’ll have more to share very soon!

We saw plenty more announcements at the Upload VR Showcase this week, including the reveal of Cities: VR and a release window for Moss Book 2. You can catch up with all the announcements right here.

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