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Ultrawings 2 Multiplayer In The Works, PC VR Coming Next Month

Ultrawings 2 Multiplayer In The Works, PC VR Coming Next Month

Hot off the release of Ultrawings 2 on Quest this week developer Bit Planet Games has confirmed the game’s future roadmap.

There were three key highlights to the roadmap, which covers the game’s plans for 2022. Firstly, the PC VR version of the game is due for release in March. It will be available on both SteamVR and Rift with cross-buy support.

Also set to take place roughly one month from now is beta testing for the game’s multiplayer component. In its blog post, the studio refers to this as “competitive dogfighting”, but didn’t share any more details on how it might work. A full launch should follow “a little bit later”.

Finally, the game will also get premium DLC later this year. This will add a new racing plane and air races. Plans for additional content beyond that haven’t been confirmed yet.

The roadmap also mentions a patch coming on Monday that will add more content and fix some bugs, and there will be another big patch that adds in combat during the game’s freeflight mode. No mention of possible PSVR or PSVR 2 versions yet but, hopefully, they’ll happen later down the line.

We think Ultrawings 2 is nothing short of essential and possibly the best VR flight game to date. “Ultrawings 2 is the exact kind of VR sequel we’ve been hoping for, building upon the original’s modest beginnings with a massive increase in scope and variety whilst retaining its air-tight controls and level design,” we said in our review. “Between the five wildly different aircraft and the addition of combat there are plenty of gripping new challenges to pull you in, and the game is always ready to serve up a different kind of thrill.”

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