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UK-Based VR Website VRFocus Lays Off Staff, Closure Likely

UK-Based VR Website VRFocus Lays Off Staff, Closure Likely

UK-based VR website VRFocus has laid off its entire editorial staff following CEO and Editor in Chief Kevin Joyce’s resignation, UploadVR understands.

Yesterday, Joyce posted on Twitter that November 6th was his last day at the company. “It’s never been anything less than a rollercoaster over these past 5 years, and I’d like to thank the many wonderful people I’ve met along the way,” he wrote.

His tweet comes as the rest of the site’s staff reveal that they have either left that site and/or are now looking for work.

A source familiar with the matter told UploadVR that the remaining staff had indeed been laid off and that VRFocus’ parent company InvestVR would not continue to invest in the site following Joyce’s departure. Former staff writer Rebecca Hills-Duty confirmed that closure seems imminent in the below tweet. InvestVR has been contacted for comment.

VRFocus first launched in early 2014 with two members, Joyce and myself as a staff writer. Following the launch of Road to VR, it was the second major website to be entirely dedicated to VR coverage. The site had originally been started by nDreams, a UK-based videogame developer that had pledged to exclusively develop VR content like 2016’s The Assembly and last year’s Shooty Fruity. However, the company traded hands with InvestVR in early 2017 when a possible deal with Gamer Network, the company behind gaming-focused website like Eurogamer, failed to fully materialize (Road to VR is now a member of the Gamer Network).

In more recent years the company started to run VR events in London that aimed to push diversity initiatives and support the industry. It also ran a web-based video series known as VRTV.

In a statement announcing the acquisition of VRFocus on March 21st 2017, InvestVR CEO Gal Ron wrote: “We are extremely excited about the acquisition of VRFocus, which opens up a new chapter for InvestVR to continue our goal of helping revolutionary startups secure their funding needs and shape the VR/AR landscape. I am proud to be part of this growing industry, which I believe will drastically change the way we know and use technology today, and I cannot think of a better team to partner with for this goal than VRFocus.”

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