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Ubisoft Dates 'Eagle Flight', 'Star Trek' And More

Ubisoft Dates 'Eagle Flight', 'Star Trek' And More

Ubisoft has a quadruple helping of VR goodness prepared for players this year, and they’ve all got release dates today.

The company has revealed when each of its four VR titles will be launching during Gamescom 2016 in Germany, Cologne. Arguably the headlining game here is Eagle Flight, the first-person experience that puts you in the talons of the majestic birds and allows you to fly around a beautiful post-apocalyptic Paris. The game’s set to roll out in three waves, arriving first on the Oculus Rift on October 18th, then on PlayStation VR on November 8th, and finally on the HTC Vive on December 20th.


We’re not sure why the game is launching so much later on on HTC’s platform, but at least it’s here in time for Christmas.

Next up is one of our most anticipated VR games, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. This brilliant co-operative experience was one of our favourite experiences at E3 2016, and we won’t have to wait too much longer to get our hands on the full product. It’s hitting all three platforms at the same time on November 29th.

Meanwhile, quirky multiplayer title Werewolves Within will arrive on December 6th. This is arguably the publisher’s most intriguing projects; one player is assigned as a werewolf and the others will have to successfully guess who it is. It could be a great showcase of the power of social VR.

Finally, there’s a date for VR support for an already available game, Trackmania Turbo. The physics-defying racer will be getting PlayStation VR support on November 8th, and it’s free for anyone that already owns the game.

That’s a pretty healthy offering of VR games from Ubisoft. We also know the publisher is working on a VR version of its ever-popular Just Dance series. The publisher is expecting these games to become profitable in the long run, but it’s well aware of the risks of releasing titles for platforms with a low install base right now. Still, hopefully sales will encourage Ubisoft to keep on with VR support and we’ll see even bigger titles in its second wave of games.


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