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Tvori Gets 360 Video Exporting, Here's How It Looks

Tvori Gets 360 Video Exporting, Here's How It Looks

VR animation app Tvori is making it even easier for people to watch its content inside headsets.

An update to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive app, which aims to make animation and storytelling accessible for all, adds in the ability to export videos in the 360-degree format, both in mono and stereo. That means you’ll be able to shoot a story using the app’s accessible set of tools and then easily upload it to far-reaching platforms like YouTube. 360 video isn’t quite the same as immersing yourself inside a full 3D world with positional tracking, but it’s a lot easier to get into.

To help showcase what’s capable with this new update, Tvori’s developers have been working with the community to create short VR experiences. One of those is Lightning, which was created entirely by one fan, Jeremy Casper, that taught himself to use both the app and Oculus Medium. There’s a teaser trailer for it below.

Sterling Osment, meanwhile, made Captain Blue Screen, which was originally a 2D short but is getting a 360 degree version with the help of this new update.

The update should be live now for anyone that owns Tvori. The app itself is available for $19.99.

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