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Turtle Beach Opens Preorders For Compact Quest 2 Charging Dock

Turtle Beach opened preorders for a Quest 2 charging dock.

There are already a number of Quest 2 charging docks on the market, including the $100 Anker dock sold officially by Meta and a range of $55 options from Chinese manufacturers sold on Amazon.

Quest 2’s controllers take AA batteries, so all these charging docks provide custom rechargeable batteries with built-in wireless charging. For the headset, a tiny USB-C adapter with wireless charging is provided.

Turtle Beach’s dock is priced at $80, and looks to be the most compact solution yet. The controllers slot in behind the headset visor, similar to the charging dock included with Quest Pro.

If you have the space on your desk, a charging dock is ideal for a standalone headset. It lets you jump into VR as soon as you want, without having to worry your headset might not be charged and updated, or that your controllers might need new batteries.

Preorders are available in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands. It ships from November 21.

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