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Turbo Button's 'Floor Plan' Hits Google Daydream

Turbo Button's 'Floor Plan' Hits Google Daydream

We’re eager to see what’s next from VR indie developer, Turbo Button, but while we wait you can play one of its earlier games on a brand new platform since Floor Plan [Review: 6/10] has officially come to Google Daydream.

The game was originally available for both the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, but now makes its way onto Google’s own mobile VR ecosystem, complete with controls for the motion controller. In the game, you travel from floor to floor in an elevator solving a series of increasingly crazy puzzles. On one floor you’ll find a snowman that’s too cold, while another houses a sleeping pneumatic drill. You need to combine items found on one floor with the environments on another in order to progress, and the solutions are usually pretty crazy.

The game costs $4.99. It’s not the longest game, though, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking about picking it up.

We thought Floor Plan was a decent puzzler, though it could use some work. In his review, Joe Durbin said it was “another promising game that shows just how much potential Turbo Button has as a studio. This is a decent game with fun puzzles, but gamers outside of that genre will likely find little to compel them here. Floor Plan’s visuals are crisp and its pacing is tight, but all-in-all the short length and repetitive gameplay keep this one from scoring any higher on our scale.”

Hopefully Turbo Button’s next release can climb that ladder a little more. We recognized the studio in our list of the most promising developers to come out of the VR industry over the past few years due to the creativity and colorful imagination it’s demonstrated thus far. Previously the developer worked on the wonderful, yet also short, Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games and an unreleased racing game called SMS Racing.

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