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Turbo Button's Floor Plan Is Coming To PSVR Next Week

Turbo Button's Floor Plan Is Coming To PSVR Next Week

Turbo Button, one of VR’s best new developers, is finally making its debut on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset next week.

Floor Plan, the developer’s wacky puzzle game that first debuted on Gear VR nearly two years ago, will reach the headset next week on March 20th. The studio confirmed as much on its Twitter account, though didn’t go into much detail about the port. Still, we’d expect this to be the Hands-On Edition of the game that came to PC-based VR headsets last year. Take note that this is a US release only; Turbo Button expects to have the EU version ready to go sometime in April.

In Floor Plan, players find themselves in an elevator and travel between various floors in a huge building. Each floor boasts its own theme and puzzles to solve, usually requiring items you pick up from other areas. It’s a little on the short side, but it’s a lot of fun and feels like a classic point and click adventure in terms of just how bizarre its puzzle solving is. The Hands-On Edition simply added support for motion controllers to the game.

Currently we don’t have any word on what Turbo Button is working on next; the studio’s last release, the Daydream-exclusive Along Together, is coming up on its one-year anniversary, so hopefully we’ll hear more from the team soon.

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