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Turbo Button's Floor Plan Comes To Rift And Vive With Hands-On Edition

Turbo Button's Floor Plan Comes To Rift And Vive With Hands-On Edition

Floor Plan is one of VR’s quirkiest puzzle games yet, and today it’s making the leap from mobile headsets to PC.

The game is now available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition. As you might imagine, it’s been rejigged a little to support the Touch controllers and Vive wands, and now allows you to walk around the somewhat cramped elevator space.

In Floor Plan you jump between floors in a building, discovering strange and vast new worlds in each. However, progressing through the game’s puzzles will mean grabbing items from one floor and then likely finding use for them on another. You’ll do everything from waking up pneumatic drills to helping a chilly snow man. Check out the trailer for the game below.

Floor Plan is available for the very agreeable discounted price of $4.79 until September 20th. After that, it’ll be on sale for $5.99.

We quite liked the game when it first launched, though be aware that it’s a little on the short side: “Floor Plan is another promising game that shows just how much potential Turbo Button has as a studio,” we said in our review. “This is a decent game with fun puzzles, but gamers outside of that genre will likely find little to compel them here. Floor Plan’s visuals are crisp and its pacing is tight, but all-in-all the short length and repetitive gameplay keep this one from scoring any higher on our scale.”

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