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TPCast's Vive Upgrade Kit US Pre-Orders Now Online

TPCast's Vive Upgrade Kit US Pre-Orders Now Online

Late last week we reported that TPCast’s wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive was now available to pre-order in Europe. From this week, you can pre-order it in the US, too.

The Microsoft store has now listed the device for $299, set for release on September 25th. That’s a good bit cheaper than the €349 EU price tag. In fact, $299 works out to about €251, so the US is getting a good deal pre-VAT.

The pre-order contains everything you’ll need to start using your Vive wirelessly, bar the actual headset and a PC to run it.

We’ll of course be looking to deliver final TPCast impressions to you in the coming weeks. In previous hands-on we’ve found the system to work quite well save for issues with voice chat and potentially blocking off headphone usage. Keep in mind that more wireless VR accessories are likely to ship in 2018 — ones we tested at E3 solved the headphones problem, for example.

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