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Tilt Brush Gets a Tune Up with Incredible New Audio Reactive Brushes

Tilt Brush Gets a Tune Up with Incredible New Audio Reactive Brushes

Tilt Brush is already one of the best VR apps going, but it gets even better with today’s free update.

Google has introduced Audio Reactive Brushes into the creative app, and they’re pretty incredible both to look at and listen to. They essentially turn the experience into a VR music visualizer, allowing you to paint lines that will pulse, flash and vibrate to a beat in any song or sound you play over the top. There are 14 new brushes in total, though not necessarily all of them are Audio Reactive. Ones that are will be indicated with a new icon.

You can check out the new feature for yourself in the new trailer above. We can see this opening up entirely new ways to express yourself within VR, and even give upcoming music visualization apps like Harmonix Music VR a run for their money. It breathes new energy into your art, allowing you to create not just vibrant, colorful work, but also inject them with life.

That’s not all that’s new in today’s update, though. There’s also a new video capture feature accessed through the Cameras tool, a Sketchbook panel, and a Tips ‘N Tricks section in the game’s tutorial. Google has also streamlined the number of panels used down to three, and made a number of other smaller bug fixes and user experience improvements.

Sadly, these updates weren’t implemented in time for Bob Ross to take advantage of them in his brilliant VR debut, which came online yesterday. He really could have enhanced his creation, depicting Oculus Rift users plummeting into a pool of lava.

Okay, we should probably point out that we’re fully aware that that isn’t Bob Ross and we also don’t support the condemning the use of any VR headset. Bad fake Bob.

Tilt Brush is still going for free to anyone that picks up a new HTC Vive along with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption, though we don’t know how much longer that promotion will be going. Right now the app is only available on the SteamVR headset, though we’re hoping that it will come to other devices later down the line.

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