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TianShe Media's 'Weeping Doll' Brings Creepy Horror Tropes To VR

TianShe Media's 'Weeping Doll' Brings Creepy Horror Tropes To VR

When it comes to horror, few things freak us out more than silent school girls looking creepy. In Weeping Doll, one such girl will come to life in VR. Oh joy.

Chinese developer TianShe Media and publisher Oasis Games launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for this promising new horror title this month, but it was previously confirmed for PlayStation VR too. The campaign gives us our first decent look at the game, including a brand new trailer that can be seen below. It gives you a tour of the game’s expansive family home and, yes, just a glimpse of a little girl darting around a corner and then peeking out from behind it. We don’t know what her issue is but, if it’s anything like any other horror film/game out there, we hope to solve it with fire, and lots of it.

What’s great about the footage is that, while undeniably atmospheric, it also strives to keep the actual scares hidden. We don’t actually know what Weeping Doll‘s threat is yet, and that’s pretty exciting. The game’s description is just as ominous. “An ordinary family. A beautiful home,” it reads. “But, who’s crying?” Who indeed.

The Greenlight page does reveal some details, though. Weeping Doll‘s horror is apparently more psychological than anything else, presenting a range of puzzles to solve inside the home of a strange family. It’s also got a gamepad-based movement system named “Shadow Step” which the developer claims is comfortable for seated play sessions.

It does sound a little like Capcom’s Resident Evil 7, all things considered, but it has the benefit of arriving a few months before that anticipated PS VR title on January 24th, 2017.

We don’t know exactly what headsets Weeping Doll will support at launch on PC, though it’s not hard to see it running on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Both PC and PS4 versions will be releasing before the end of the year, and Oasis Games has another four titles that will be coming to PS VR. This is the one we’re most excited about, though.

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