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VR Boxing Sim The Thrill Of The Fight Coming To Oculus Quest

VR Boxing Sim The Thrill Of The Fight Coming To Oculus Quest

Get your gloves up; The Thrill Of The Fight is the next VR boxing game coming to Oculus Quest.

One-man developer Ian Fitz confirmed as much on Steam earlier this month. The developer revealed that Oculus had accepted to concept pitch for the game, which is already available on PC VR headsets. There’s no release date for the port just yet, but the developer says to expect one in the coming weeks.

The Thrill of the Fight will be the second VR boxing game on Quest following Creed: Rise to Glory. Whereas that game relied on a movie tie-in, this is a much more straight-forward boxing game. It takes full advantage of room scale tracking, allowing you to dodge and weave as you throw punches. Fitz describes it as a ‘semi-sim’, combining certain elements of realism with mechanics that provide a more simplified gameplay experience.

“I’m very excited about the Quest port,” Fitz wrote on Steam. “The game feels great with no wires, and it’s very convenient to be able to take the headset wherever you have the most room to play without being tethered to a computer. TotF was already a graphically simple game, so I’ve been able to keep the Quest version very close to the PC version visually, and it plays identically.”

The news comes over three years since the original game’s launch in July 2016. Boxing is a great fit for VR, making ideal use of hand-tracked controllers. Quest’s inside-out tracking did struggle to keep up with Creed, but its tracking has since been updated.

The Thrill of the Fight remains in Early Access on PC VR headsets, where it costs $9.99. It remains to be seen if the game will support cross-buy with the Oculus Rift version. We’re still waiting to hear if another great VR boxing game, Knockout League, will arrive on Quest anytime soon.

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