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Thirdverse To Launch New VR Sword Fighting Game In Early 2022

Thirdverse To Launch New VR Sword Fighting Game In Early 2022

Swords of Gargantua developer Thirdverse plans to release a new sword fighting VR game in early 2022.

That much was confirmed by Famitsu in a recent interview with the team’s Teruyuki Toriyama (first spotted by Siliconera). He told the site that the company plans to launch an action game with sword fighting early next year. “Compared to Swords of Gargantua, it will be aimed more towards casual players,” Toriyama explained.

It’s not clear if the game will be connected to Thirdverse’s older title in any way. Swords of Gargantua itself is still receiving updates and, as the name implies, has a deep emphasis on sword combat. But it’s also true that the game is tough, with early comparisons being made with the Dark Souls series. It sounds like this new experience may be hoping to cast its net a little wider.

Platforms weren’t confirmed, though Toriyama did note that the Oculus Quest 2 had “left on impact” on him after spending many years as a producer at Sony Interactive Entertainment, working on both PSVR and flatscreen titles.

Thirdverse itself recently raised over $10 million to keep working on VR titles, bringing Inxile Entertainment head Brian Fargo on in an advisory role. It also appointed Hironao Kunimitsu to head up the company.

We’ll bring you more on the studio’s new game as soon as we have it.

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