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The Light Brigade Rolls Out 'Memories Of War' Update With New Classes & Levels Today

The Light Brigade - Memories Of War Update

Roguelike shooter The Light Brigade received a major update today, adding new classes, levels and more for all platforms.

Developed by Funktronic Labs, The Light Brigade initially released in February and 'Memories of War' adds two playable classes: The Engineer can deploy pilotable drones across stages and wields the rapid-fire MP35 submachine gun, while The Breacher is a new shotgun-wielding class that Funktronic says was a popular fan request. You can see both in action below:

Detailed in a press release, Memories of War also includes new hand-crafted levels that appear between its procedurally generated stages. A new shooting range mini-game is present alongside game balancing updates and fixes, while "tons" of new tactical items and power-ups are available during runs or in the shop.

This isn't the first major update Funktronic's dropped for The Light Brigade. In March, Update 1 notably ditched reprojection on PSVR 2 for native 90Hz support. That same update also introduced dynamic foveated rendering with eye-tracking on Quest Pro, New Game+++ and a redesigned aiming/locomotion system.

The Light Brigade - Memories of War update is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

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