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The Last Taxi Is A VR Uber Simulator Coming Next Month

The Last Taxi is a game all about making conversation with an increasingly eccentric cast of characters.

Developed by ZenFri, the indie project hits PC VR headsets on May 31 via Steam. In the game, you step into the role of the last human taxi driver that patrols the skylines and underbelly of a dystopian mega city. As you carry passengers around you’ll be tasked with making conversation and keeping fares engaged as the meter rises. Check it out in the launch trailer below.

The Last Taxi Trailer

The futuristic world is split right down the middle, with many of the city’s residents obscenely rich whereas others are steeped in poverty. Over 80 characters await, each one presenting a new challenge to try and keep happy. Plus there are smaller interactions to explore from the driver’s seat. It’s certainly a unique looking VR game with a distinct art style, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Will you be trying out The Last Taxi when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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