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The Great Ocean Lets You Swim With Whales & Sea Turtles In VR

The Great Ocean

The Great Ocean lets you swim with whales, sharks and turtles in an oceanic VR adventure.

Released on Quest App Lab in 2022, The Great Ocean now reaches Steam this week. Partnering with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), it calls itself the "first ever ocean exploration adventure based on real data" that features different quests and fish species every time you revisit levels. Using upgradeable tools to clean up the ocean, like a laser to free jailed whales or welder to repair broken pipes, you can also scan 100+ species for information.

In an early access FAQ, developer Actrio Studio states The Great Ocean currently has a "few levels and advanced set of features and tools." More levels are planned over time that promise 5 hours of gameplay, leaderboards for improved replayability and "unique assets." Additional tools and a "new quest with new mechanics" are also promised.

For more details, here's the official description from Steam.

Dive into an adventure in the earth’s oceans. Explore in your high-tech submarine fascinating spots like the Galapagos, the Arctic, Cozumel or the Deep Sea. Solve quests in each level using your upgradeable tools like the laser to cut free jailed whales, the scanner to get info for over 100 species, the welder to repair broken subsea pipes and the beam grabber to collect WW2 wreck pieces or corals. Swim with majestic whales, sharks and sea turtles.

The Great Ocean reaches Steam Early Access on February 15 with a full release planned in "6-8 months." A demo is also available for Steam Next Fest.

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