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Falconeer Dev Experimenting With Possible VR Version, Early Footage Shown

Falconeer Dev Experimenting With Possible VR Version, Early Footage Shown

The Falconeer developer Tomas Sala has been experimenting with possible VR support for the celebrated flight game.

For the past few days Sala has been tweeting about progress with VR implementation into the game, which first released on PC and Xbox in 2020. Traditionally, The Falconeer is played from a third-person perspective and sees players steer a falcon across oceans, engaging in combat across different campaigns.

The Falconeer VR?

In his most recent post, Sala even showed footage of the game running with VR head-tracking. It’s still played from the same perspective and, in the developer’s words, “everything is broken”, but it’s an interesting tease of what might be to come. That said, Sala hasn’t explicitly confirmed that the game will get a full VR port, so this work might not lead to a full release.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, though. The Falconeer earned positive reviews across the board for its sweeping imagery and thrilling combat. Porting to VR would definitely take a lot of work, though, and Sala points out that moving to a first-person view would mean significantly restructuring the game’s aiming systems and comfort options. If it did happen then a PC VR version would be a likely candidate, but it’d be interesting to see Quest and PSVR versions too.

If it doesn’t work out, though, we’ll always have Falcon Age.

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