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The Excellent Virtual-Virtual Reality Hits Vive This Week

The Excellent Virtual-Virtual Reality Hits Vive This Week

By the end of the week there will be one more place for you to experience Tender Claws’ brilliant Virtual-Virtual Reality.

The surrealist story game will be arriving on Steam with full HTC Vive support (along with pre-existing Oculus Rift support) on Friday, September 7th. A final price hasn’t been revealed but we’d expect it to cost $19.99, seeing as that’s what it costs on Rift over on Oculus Home. If you have a Google Daydream, Gear VR or Oculus Go, though, it’s also available for $9.99 and just as good on those platforms.

Virtual-Virtual Reality teleports players into a future in which AI constructs serve the will of their dream-seeking clients in an online metaverse. It’s often bizarre and hilarious, but it carries a key core message that’s not to be overlooked and is one of the best narrative-lead VR experiences yet.

Earlier this year we wrote about why this is a game you still need to play. “Budget Cuts might have the tone, The Lab might have the authenticity, but for my money Virtual-Virtual Reality is the closest we’ve gotten to VR’s Portal 2 yet,” we said. “I can’t wait to see what Tender Claws does next.”

That still stands.

That only leaves PlayStation VR (PSVR) as the last major platform for the game to come to. Fingers crossed that happens soon.

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