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The Excellent Eclipse: Edge of Light Is Now On Oculus Go And Gear

The Excellent Eclipse: Edge of Light Is Now On Oculus Go And Gear

Google Daydream’s best game is now available on Oculus Go and Gear VR.

White Elk Studios’ Eclipse: Edge of Light just landed on the standalone and mobile-based VR headsets for $9.99. These are the first platforms the game has been ported to since its launch on Daydream in April of last year.

Eclipse is an excellent first-person sci-fi adventure in which you crash land on a mysterious planet and set about exploring your surroundings using a jetpack and full locomotion. The world around you is wonderfully realized and the story is delivered in a thoughtful way, whilst the game makes great use of motion controls too. We put the game in our recent list of 100 VR titles you should really be playing, and that still stands.

Eclipse had originally been billed for PSVR, so we’ve asked White Elk if it could finally come to Sony’s headset and others now that it appears any exclusivity agreement is up. It’d be great to see it launch on the shiny new Oculus Quest headset, too.

Currently, the developer is working on another Oculus Go game, a local co-op multiplayer experience named Covert. That’s being published by Oculus Studios and is due to release this year.


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