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The 7 Best VR Games You Can Play Right Now With Viveport Infinity

The 7 Best VR Games You Can Play Right Now With Viveport Infinity

Viveport Infinity, an updated version of HTC’s VR subscription service, launches today. It’s similar to the original Viveport except, instead of having a limited number of downloads a month, you can pick up any of the 668 titles available whenever you want and play them for as long as you like. For $12.99 a month, it looks like a pretty good deal.

Granted there is a lot of fluff (Beer and Skittels VR, anyone?). But Viveport Infinity does come loaded with some of VR’s best (and surprisingly recent) hits. You could even get a free taste of them with a free trial. But, instead of spending hours sorting the wheat from the chaff, we’ve rounded up the seven best VR games you can play on Viveport Infinity right now. Note that we’re exclusively talking about games here, but there’s plenty of other types of experiences on the platform too.

Transpose – Read Our Review

We always thought Transpose didn’t get as much love as it really deserved. Blasters of the Universe dev Secret Location switched things up for its second VR game. This is a brilliant ‘single-player co-op’ puzzler in which you record echoes of yourself that you must work with in order to solve challenges. Transpose is VR as its mind-bending best and should be one of the first games you download on Infinity.

Obduction – Read Our Review

Myst developer Cyan is going all-in on VR with the upcoming Firmament and Zed. Obduction shows you how the team found its footing. This is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous puzzle adventure in which you explore a highly-detailed world. Obduction may not have been made with full VR support in mind at first but Cyan did right by fans by implementing full motion controller support later down the line. This is an atmospheric fantasy you won’t want to miss.

The Wizards: Enhanced Edition – Read Our Review

There are plenty of VR magic games but, make no mistake, The Wizards is one of the best. Recently enhanced with new content, Carbon Studio’s magical adventure packs gorgeous visuals and intense action. The game uses a hand gesture-based system to let you cast a variety of spells, each of which can be upgraded. Take on dragons and fight your way through a full campaign in one of Infinity’s more polished offerings.

Knockout League – Read Our Review

Sure, you could use VR to box with some of the world’s most elite athletes. Or you could use it to spar with, y’know, an octopus. Knockout League is one of those games that appeals to those of us that aren’t fussed about ‘serious’ sports sims while still boasting the depth to attract more dedicated followers. Not to mention it’s a great workout and one of your prime desintations if you’re looking to use Infinity as a virtual gym.

Torn – Read Our Review

If you’re looking for a visual tour de force to show off your VR headset then might we suggest Aspyr’s Torn? It’s a mad invention of a VR game, taking you to the house of a long-missing scientist and setting you on a journey to discover his whereabouts. The puzzles are pacey and the game’s command of physics is impressive. Torn has probably flown under your radar, but this is a great chance to right that wrong.

Windlands 2 – Read Our Review

One of the early favorites from VR’s launch line-up last year managed to do the sequel right. Windlands 2 is, simply put, bigger and better than the original game with more refined missions, massive boss battles and four-player co-op to swing along to. Lots of VR enthusiasts demand that developers give them intense, no-compromise experiences and Windlands 2 certainly fits that bill. It’s the best Spider-Man fix you can currently have in VR.

Apex Construct – Read Our Review

The bow and arrow is a trusted companion of any VR adventurer by this point, but Apex Construct really puts your skills to the test. This is a full single-player adventure in which you explore a post-apocalytpic world caught in a war between two AI constructs. You’ll do battle with drones and explore gorgeous ruins in your quest to fix the world. Apex Construct offers the kind of story-driven experience many people say VR lacks.

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