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Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Quest 2 Tripled Tetris Effect Active Users, New Project Teased

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Quest 2 Tripled Tetris Effect Active Users, New Project Teased

Monthly active users of Tetris Effect have tripled since the release of the Oculus Quest 2, Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Enhance Games has revealed.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine (as translated through Google), Mizuguchi described the growth as “remarkable”, adding: “since the release of Quest 2, the number of monthly active users [for Tetris Effect] has tripled. The numbers clearly show that many users are playing with Quest 2.”

The developer didn’t specify if Quest 2 (where Tetris Effect plays best) has tripled the number of users simply on that platform or for the game as a whole – Tetris Effect is now available on practically every platform both in and out of VR.

“I feel that VR is starting to reach a layer that we didn’t expect. It seems that the number of people who are really ordinary people and do not play so many games, but want to try VR has increased,” he added.

Last week Facebook revealed that more than 60 developers had made over $1 million on the Quest platform since the launch of the original headset in 2019. Mizuguchi didn’t specifically confirm it, but these numbers suggest Tetris Effect could be among those titles.

Enhance published Tetris Effect along with another classic game modernized for VR – Rez Infinite. Currently the team is also working on Humanity, another game with optional PSVR support. But Mizuguchi also revealed that the team’s next project will expand on the Area X level introduced in Rez Infinite. “In particular, “Area X” of “Rez Infinite” was developed as a “prologue to the next work”, so that concept was developed with the concept of the next generation and XR technology to improve the overall resolution,” he said. “I want to raise it and make more detailed games.”

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