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Tetris Effect Is Getting A Limited Time Demo This Week

Tetris Effect Is Getting A Limited Time Demo This Week

Still don’t believe us that Tetris Effect is going to be awesome? Well you’ll have the chance to try it for yourself this week, but you’ll have to be fast.

Enhance Games’ new take on the puzzling classic, which features full support for PlayStation VR (PSVR), is getting a limited time demo this week. Speaking on The Game Informer Show, the developer’s Mark MacDonald confirmed that the demo would launch on November 1st and run until November 5th. It will be fully playable inside PSVR though, just like the full game, you’ll be able to play it on a standard display too.

Why limited time, you ask? Well, if you were to allow players to sample even the first level indefinitely then you’re basically giving them a free Tetris game, so we can understand this approach, even if the wider game is set to offer over 30 different levels.

The full version of Tetris Effect, meanwhile, is due out on November 9th. It’s a PSVR exclusive for now although, as with Enhance Games’ Rez Infinite, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to other platforms later down the line. We recently went hands-on with the game for a second time and found something that’s absolutely worth the hype that many others have been bestowing upon it.

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