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Rez, Tetris Effect Dev 'Very Interested' In PSVR 2, Humanity Still MIA

Rez, Tetris Effect Dev 'Very Interested' In PSVR 2, Humanity Still MIA

The developer of VR-supported hits like Rez and Tetris Effect says he’s “very interested” in making a PSVR 2 game.

Speaking to VGC, Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Enhance hinted that he can’t “say anything very specific” about Sony’s new device just yet, but is “thinking about how we can push VR, so we’re very interested in new hardware and how we’re looking to make VR games better. We’re very interested in the PSVR 2.”

Producer Mark MacDonald, meanwhile, suggested that Tetris Effect itself is still not on platforms that the studio would like it to be on. Could we possibly see the game come to PS5 with PSVR 2 support? We thought the game was a masterful take on a classic that made for a rich VR experience, so we’d certainly welcome a high fidelity port.

Enhance is also currently helping work on Humanity, a unique experience involving thousands of people in crowds walking around levels. It’s still not clear exactly how the game is played but it was initially confirmed for PS4 with PSVR support. The project’s been heavily delayed with no mention of it in this week’s coverage; could we possibly see a jump to PS5 and PSVR 2?

We’ll keep a close eye on the situation but we’re not likely to hear more until Sony itself is ready to give away more PSVR 2 details. Last week we saw a smattering of new games announced for the headset, but no confirmation of a release date just yet.

What Tetsuya Mizuguchi games would you like to see on PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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