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Tethered is an Adorable Launch Title for PlayStation VR

Tethered is an Adorable Launch Title for PlayStation VR

We’re hoping to see some new PlayStation VR games at E3 next week, but some developers aren’t waiting that long.

Take UK-based studio Secret Sorcery, for example. This new team announced its existence almost exactly a year ago today, and is now ready to share news on its first project, a fantasy strategy game called Tethered. The new title will be on display at the big event in Los Angeles, California from June 14th – 16th along with a handful of other confirmed games (though there are sure to be more). You can check out the first trailer for the project below, which is really rather adorable.

Tethered casts you as a Spirit Guardian that’s tasked with ridding the ‘Heavenly Archipelago’ of nocturnal creatures. During daylight you’ll command a peaceful group of ‘Peeps’, ordering them to harvest resources and aiming using PlayStation VR’s head-tracking technology. Come night the beasts will attack and your Peeps will have to defend themselves with batons and other weapons. Judging by the trailer, things will escalate pretty quickly.

Secret Sorcery itself is comprised of developers with experience on titles like MotorStorm and DRIVECLUB, so this marks quite a departure for them. Writing on the PlayStation Blog the developer’s Alan McDermott cited influences like Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki for the game’s charming art style. The team envisions players spending around 30 – 40 minutes inside the game at a time.

It appears that Tethered is exclusive to PlayStation VR for now – there’s no mention of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive versions yet – and will be launching alongside the device in October 2016. We don’t have a final date for the $399 kit, though that’s something we’ll hopefully learn at Sony’s own press conference starting at 5:00 PST on 13th July.

As for Tethered, we’ll be sure to keep our eye out for it at the show.

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