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Tennis On-Court Scores An October Release On PSVR 2

Tennis On-Court screenshot

Tennis On-Court brings a new take on the popular sport to VR, arriving this October on PSVR 2.

Previously announced for Summer 2023, Tennis On-Court is a first-person sim supporting arcade and realistic gameplay modes. Developed by Decathlon Games, it's playable in 1v1 or 2v2 matches online or against AI, also offering five training modes to practice between. You can learn more in the new trailer below:

As detailed on its PlayStation Store page, Tennis On-Court features 13 rackets with different characteristics. Six stadiums are included with different surfaces like grass, hard or clay. There's also a spectator mode for watching other matches live and customizable avatars.

Tennis On-Court joins a growing list of VR experiences taking us courtside. Between more traditional takes like Tennis League VR, First Person Tennis and even Eleven Table Tennis, we've seen several developers taking different approaches. That includes original premises like Racket NX, while the upcoming Racket Club tweaks the established format.

Tennis On-Court arrives on October 20 on PSVR 2. On Quest, it's available now in early access via App Lab.

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