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Tekken 7's PSVR Support Revealed

It was a year and a half ago now that we learned the next iteration in Bandai Namco’s popular fighting series, Tekken 7, would feature some form of exclusive PlayStation VR (PSVR) content. We’d long wondered what that support would look like, and now we know.

An event held last week gave select people a first taste of the game in VR. As you can see in the video below from Shirrako, fans won’t be getting a first-person fighting simulation or anything like that. Instead, Tekken’s traditional third-person gameplay has been brought into the headset. The video shows a training session in which Devil Jin beats on Akuma, a character on loan from rival fighting series, Street Fighter.

While it’s good to see the game’s traditional elements working in VR, we’re still not sure what the extent of this support will be. Will PSVR owners simply have access to the training mode? Or will the game’s suite of solo and multiplayer options also be playable in the headset. We’re certainly hoping the latter is the case right now. We’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for more clarification.

We haven’t gone hands-on with the VR support for ourselves, so it’s difficult to judge what this will really bring to the experience. It’ll no doubt be neat to see your favorite characters in 3D, but it doesn’t exactly sound essential. We’d love to see the spectator aspect spruced up a little, though, perhaps letting us feel like we’re sitting in an audience.

Tekken 7 hits PS4 along with Xbox One and PC on June 2nd. The latter version won’t be getting VR support right away though it’s possible it arrive later down the line just like Batman: Arkham VR recently did.


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