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Technolust Dev Teases New Cyberpunk VR Game, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Technolust Dev Teases New Cyberpunk VR Game, Kickstarter Coming Soon

IRIS VR is best known for its 2016 Oculus launch title, Technolust. It was a cyberpunk VR game born out of a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. Five years on, the studio is returning to Kickstarter for Technolust’s spiritual successor.

The team’s Blair Renaud this month shared the latest screenshots of Low-Fi. The game isn’t a direct sequel (though it used to be) but does explore the same tone, themes and setting. You play as a police officer patrolling the crime-ridden streets of Toronto. With the aid of your flying car (because of course) you’ll solve cases and fight crime.

These new images give us a look at the game’s seedy cyberpunk world. Long-time VR fans will have been following this project for a while but, crucially, Renaud this weekend confirmed the game would be coming to Kickstarter soon. We don’t know how much the developer will be looking to raise but he did say the campaign will launch “mid to late summer.” A demo for the game might release before then, though.

Low-Fi isn’t all that Renaud is working on, though. The developer is also building a prequel to the game called Agency, designed to run on the Oculus Quest standalone headset. The game’s designed to showcase the kind of visual fidelity that’s possible on mobile VR. It will be released to those that pick up Low-Fi itself.

Plenty to come from IRIS VR, then.

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