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Free-Walking VR Shooter Tea For God Now Has An Official Demo

Free-Walking VR Shooter Tea For God Now Has An Official Demo

Excellent free-walking VR shooter, Tea For God, now has an official demo on Oculus Quest and PC VR.

Wait, what does that mean?

Void Room’s experimental project has always been playable in one form or another through a continuously updated SideQuest and Itch APK. And it’s long had our attention thanks to its use of impossible spaces, in which the world changes as you walk around corners. This gives a compelling sense of immersion as you can keep walking naturally in VR without running into Guardian boundaries. There’s even some fun experimental features like hand-tracking too, which you can see us trying out at the beginning of last year below.

But, with this latest release, Void Room turns the game into something that resembles a final, finished product. You can get it on Quest here and PC here.

For starters, there are now two game modes. Arcade is a straightforward campaign that still uses the game’s impressive impossible spaces mechanics but adds in checkpoints to make for an experience that should last around 20 minutes. Then there’s the more familiar roguelite mode with permadeath that will have you tackling different runs each time you restart. For now, this all shows content from the game’s first chapter.

There’s also the beginnings of a story, though Void Room says this will be expanded on over time. This includes voice-over work explaining the game’s evolving world.

With the demo out, the developer is now focusing on adding more levels and scenes to the game as well as new enemy, item and weapon types. Will you be checking out Tea For God’s new demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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