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System Shock 2 VR Currently 'Lower Priority' Than Enhanced Edition & Remake

System Shock 2 VR Currently 'Lower Priority' Than Enhanced Edition & Remake

We might be waiting a fair bit longer for the previously-teased System Shock 2 VR.

Developer Nightdive tempered expectations for an imminent update on the VR port in a recent Kickstarter FAQ update. “With regards to SS2:VR, it is understandably a lower priority for us right now, and being built on top of [System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition] means that the version must take precedence. We’re really excited to share more about SS2:VR when the time is right.”

System Shock 2 VR’s Timeline

The Enhanced Edition is being released in addition to the complete remake for the original System Shock, so there’s a lot going on at Nightdive right now. The developer plans to release both around the same time, with the remake currently in the polishing stages, though there’s still not a full release window. It sounds like we won’t see the VR version until both of those are out the door, then.

System Shock 2 VR was first revealed in early 2021, with Nightdive revealing it will bring the entire game into PC VR headsets, complete with motion controls and support for co-op and cross-play with the Enhanced Edition. We’ve only seen a few small snippets of gameplay but, considering this is one of the most popular PC games of all time, we have high hopes for the port.

Are you still holding out hope for System Shock 2 VR? What do you want to see in the port? Let us know in the comments below!

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