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System Shock 2 VR Will Have Co-Op, Cross-Play With PC

System Shock 2 VR Will Have Co-Op, Cross-Play With PC

Nightdive Studios’ upcoming System Shock 2 VR port will feature full co-op multiplayer support, and can even be played with others running the game on PC.

Studio CEO Stephen Kick confirmed as much in a recent interview with IGN, also reaffirming that the entire game was being ported to VR as part of a new mode for the upcoming System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. That means full multiplayer support is in, and those playing inside a headset will even be able to team up with players on a PC.

Kick also cited Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx as a crucial source of inspiration behind the port, saying the game had “become essential in creating that feeling that you’re there… Things like being able to pick up items from a distance is something that was really important in Half-Life: Alyx, and it’s something you’ll be able to do in System Shock VR as well.”

VR support won’t, however, launch alongside the Enhanced Edition, which itself is expected to come with the full remake of the first System Shock. Expect it to be added in post-launch, though it’s not yet confirmed if it’ll be a free update or a premium add-on. Nightdive showed off a quick glimpse of gameplay running on the Valve Index at the start of the year.

For now it seems like System Shock 2 VR will be coming to PC VR alone – Nightdive hasn’t announced any new platforms for the game. Given it was first released in 1999, though, we do have some hope that the game might be able to one day run on the Oculus Quest. If Doom 3 can do it, surely System Shock can too?

Are you looking forward to System Shock 2 VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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