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Synth Riders Beats Beat Saber To Multiplayer Support

Synth Riders Beats Beat Saber To Multiplayer Support

VR rhythm game Synth Riders might not be as popular as the juggernaut that is Beat Saber, but it just beat it to one important feature: multiplayer support.

Synth Riders this week got a free update for both its Oculus Quest and PC VR versions. Headlining the patch is a cross-platform multiplayer mode for up to five people in which players can have a dance off for the top spot. Multiplayer supports both the game’s original list of songs and custom songs too, and you can even use modifiers like ‘Sudden Death’ to up the stakes.

In Synth Riders, players throw shapes by grabbing orbs out of the air in time to a beat. It’s a slightly groovier take on the VR music genre, and one that can now be enjoyed with friends.

It’s a feature we’ve been eagerly awaiting in Beat Saber ever since multiplayer was announced in mid-2018. And developer Kluge Interactive knows it; in a prepared statement, Creative Director Abraham Aguero Benzecri said: “We are excited to be one of the first VR rhythm games with multiplayer support, it is a tribute to our community!”


Elsewhere, the game’s entire user interface has been redesigned to be more streamlined, there’s new sound effects, a new song and a new visual stage. Plus PC VR users get new custom-designed avatars. DLC songs are also on the way, so there’s plenty to look forward to for Synth Riders.

Will you be checking out Synth Riders’ multiplayer support this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


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