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Swordsman VR Quest Version, Advanced Combat Update Nearing Release

Swordsman VR Quest Version, Advanced Combat Update Nearing Release

Sinn Studios’ Swordsman VR is soon to hit two big milestones.

Over the weekend the studio took to Reddit to offer a small update on the game’s coming content and Quest version. For the latter, the team confirmed that a Quest release date would be revealed sometime in March. The game will be launching on App Lab, though it’s already available on PSVR and PC VR.

Swordsman VR Quest And Advanced Combat Coming

Sinn Studio also shared a quick teaser for its upcoming Advanced Combat update, focusing on the mocap work its putting into it. As the game’s roadmap explains, this update will feature a more intricate battle system with improved stab physics, holsters to store weapons, and a damage system that is able to specify where a player’s attack lands.

We’ll also see the addition of a female playable character and the ability to grab an opponent’s weapon as they hold it.

These are promising updates for the VR melee game, which takes after the likes of Gorn and Blade & Sorcery. We’ll be especially interested to see if Sinn Studio can maintain that level of physical complexity on the Quest platform.

Will you be trying out Swordsman VR on Quest? Or are you waiting for the Advanced Combat update on PSVR or PC VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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