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Swords Of Gargantua's Big Expansion Launches Next Week

Swords Of Gargantua's Big Expansion Launches Next Week

Dark fantasy sword fighting game Swords of Gargantua is getting a big update on Quest and PC next week.

The Tesseract Abyss 2 expansion hits the titles on August 5. Developer Thirdverse has been teasing the update with a number of videos over the past few weeks, the most recent of which you can see below. It offers a very quick glimpse of what to expect from the update.

Namely, Tesseract Abyss 2 will introduce an all-new boss, Galossus, as well as other new weapon and enemy types that will cater to seasoned players of the game. As always, you’ll be able to face the new challenges either in single-player or with friends in the game’s extensive co-op mode.

Thirdverse has put in a huge amount of support for Swords of Gargantua, with several updates since its launch a good few years ago now. The company also has a publishing arm, which last year raised $8.5 million to fund new VR projects.

Strangely the update makes no mention of a release for the PSVR version of the game that released last year. We’ve asked Thirdverse exactly why that is, but it doesn’t sound like this version of the game will be getting the same update next week.


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