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Roguelike Shooter Sweet Surrender Launches On Oculus Quest And PC VR Next Week

Roguelike Shooter Sweet Surrender Launches On Oculus Quest And PC VR Next Week

Promising roguelike VR shooter, Sweet Surrender, arrives on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets next week.

The game touches down on September 30. Developer Salmi Games just confirmed the news. Sweet Surrender will be getting a full launch on the Oculus Quest store as well as arriving on the Rift and Steam stores for PC. There’s a new trailer for the game below.

Sweet Surrender Release Date Revealed

Announced earlier this year, Sweet Surrender caught our attention with its cartoonish visual style and agile combat. The game throws players into a mysterious tower filled with deadly robots. You’ll tackle fresh runs of the environment every time you die, gathering different loot like new weapons and upgrades.

Combat, meanwhile, is fast-paced with smooth locomotion and active features like ziplines and a grapple hook. Though the game isn’t releasing in Early Access (Facebook doesn’t allow pre-release titles on the Oculus Quest store), Salmi does stress that it will be delivering multiple free updates to Sweet Surrender over time.

We tried out the demo for Sweet Surrender back at the beginning of the summer. The limited build didn’t tell us if the game could really get its hooks in us, but we did note it seemed to have all the makings of a good roguelike shooter.

“I’m not yet convinced Sweet Surrender could dethrone the retro mastery of Compound,” we said, “but the game’s got its own promising upgrade path and arresting visual style that suggests the two could, at the very least, enjoy a peaceful coexistence.”

We’ll find out if that’s the case next week.

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