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New Supernatural Deal: Get 12 Months Of VR Fitness App For $149

New Supernatural Deal: Get 12 Months Of VR Fitness App For $149

Following the launch of its subscription-based VR fitness app earlier this month, Within just revealed a limited Supernatural deal for your first year. But you’ll need to act fast.

When Supernatural launched on Oculus Quest, Within set a monthly subscription fee of $19, with your first 30 days free. This price has been the subject of much discussion, however, with many feeling that it’s too high a price for a VR game that’s very similar in nature to Beat Saber. For 12 months of subscription, you’d be looking at around $240 spent with the current deal.

This new deal, which is now live on the official website, offers an entire year for $149. That works out to a little less than $13 a month instead. The offer is only available until May 31 as an early adopter promotion. Within also confirmed to us that this price will never rise if you keep your subscription going over multiple years.

After that, a yearly subscription costs $199, still saving you a bit over the monthly fee.

Supernatural offers daily workout playlists hosted by professional trainers that guide you through its rhythm-based gameplay. Though it does indeed play very similar to Beat Saber, the app is far more concerned with your fitness, mapping tracks to get the most out of your workout and providing stats via a companion app.

Last week we met up in our virtual studio to discuss if the app was worth its monthly price tag. You can see that video below. We also laid out the value in an article, concluding that, while the app itself was often impressive, basically $20 a month would be far too high a price for many people. You could get a lot of other VR games at a one-time purchase for that much money.

What do you think of this Supernatural deal? Is the VR fitness app now worth it at this price or is it still too high for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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