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Superhot Quest Launch Sales '300% Higher' Than Rift Without Cross-Buy

Superhot Quest Launch Sales '300% Higher' Than Rift Without Cross-Buy

Superhot VR was one of around 50 titles available when Oculus’ new Quest headset arrived last week. Despite stiff competition, the development team says sales were 300% higher than when it first launched on Rift.

The developer didn’t provide any specifics, as to how long that launch window is or, indeed, how many units it sold on Quest. What we do know is that, before Quest launch, Superhot had sold 800,000 units across Rift, Vive, Windows VR and PSVR.

In a prepared statement, Tom Kaczmarczyk, Cofounder & Director at Superhot, said the team was “amazed” by the game’s reception. “[Quest is] a watershed moment for the industry and the sales numbers suggests that players believe so too,” he said.

Notably, Superhot is one of several VR games that launched on Quest without cross-buy support on Rift. Cross-buy is an optional feature for developers, allowing them to provide players with both a Rift and Quest copy of the same game through Oculus Home. Many games, including Oculus’ own Studios-produced titles, have adopted the scheme. But some of VR’s biggest games, including Superhot, Beat Saber and Moss, confirmed to UploadVR that they wouldn’t support it.

Superhot VR first launched on Rift in December 2016, on the same day as the Oculus Touch controllers. Given the various factors and unknowns at play there, we couldn’t use this info to estimate how Quest is performing in relation to Rift. Still, it paints a positive picture.

Of course, it helps that Superhot VR is one of Quest’s best ports. It brings the entire original game to the standalone headset, which feels even better without the wire.

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