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'Super Stardust Ultra' is Coming to PlayStation VR with a First-Person Mode

'Super Stardust Ultra' is Coming to PlayStation VR with a First-Person Mode

One of PlayStation’s best arcade games from one of its best developers is coming to PlayStation VR, but not in the way you might think.

Super Stardust Ultra VR is an expansion of a classic title from Resogun developer Housemarque, though it’s not actually being ported by that studio. Instead, the latest version of the game – which has come to every PlayStation console since the PSP – is being developed by Sony’s XDev Studio Europe, and will introduce a radically different new gameplay mode.

Fans will know Super Stardust as a third-person shoot ’em up played from a top-down view in which you steer a vehicle around a series of tiny planets, gathering points as you blast rocks and enemies. For this new release, a first-person mode is being introduced into the series for the first time. Sitting in the cockpit of your vehicle, you’ll view the game’s environments like never before in a new mode named Invasion Zone that’s designed specifically for VR.

That last part is crucial, as traditional Stardust gameplay requires the player to see the entire world so they know what’s coming from all angles. This new mode seems like it will allow for play with a limited field of view, perhaps making it more akin to something like Rebellion’s upcoming Battlezone reboot instead of the original game.

Fans don’t need to worry, though, as the original third-person play style will still be available in VR so that you can take on the game’s classic modes too.

But that’s not all; the PlayStation Blog post announcing Super Stardust Ultra VR also confirms that popular pool title, Hustle Kings, is also coming to PS VR. You can use either a DualShock 4 or two PlayStation Move motion controllers to play. Neither game has been dated yet, but PlayStation VR arrives on October 13th. Perhaps these are two of the 50 games that will be made available between October and December?

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