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Super-Powered Shooter Outlier Hits PC VR Next Year

Super-Powered Shooter Outlier Hits PC VR Next Year

Joy Way’s upcoming super-powered shooter, Outlier, is releasing on PC VR in Q1 2022.

The game will release in early access via SteamVR, much like the developer’s other upcoming title, Against, will do in a few weeks’ time. Outlier has also been confirmed for an Oculus Quest release in the future, though don’t expect that to show up anytime soon.

The news was revealed on the Upload VR Showcase today. Check out a brand new trailer just below.

New Outlier Trailer Revealed

Outlier is a roguelite shooter in which players fend off enemies on an alien planet. You might wield a firearm in one hand as you make your way through randomized areas, clearing away threats, and then you can either dual-wield with your other hand or you’ll be able to wield powers like fireballs and more.

The trailer shows off some agile combat, with the player springing into the air, and we also get a look at new weapons like a bow and arrow. As you progress through a run you’ll also get new upgrades to aid you in battle. As with other roguelites, the game will no doubt take repeated runs to see through as you look to get better builds and make it to the end.

Look for more details on Outlier in the new year. Joy Way is also continuing to expand on its popular parkour title, Stride, with a campaign and multiplayer support still in progress. For now, stay tuned to the Upload VR Showcase, as we have plenty more to talk about today.

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