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With Poly Out, Styly Adds Direct Uploads From Tilt Brush

With Poly Out, Styly Adds Direct Uploads From Tilt Brush

Psychic VR Lab’s VR creation platform, Styly, is adding direct uploads for Google Tilt Brush creations, after news of Poly’s demise.

Operated out of Tokyo, Japan, Styly allows any user to jump in and start making 3D content almost instantly. These experiences can be viewed online via browser or fully inside VR via a native SteamVR app. By stepping in with Tilt Brush support, Styly will offer creators a new destination to publish their creations and share them with others.

As an online library of 3D assets and scenes, Poly played an important role in keeping content creation accessible on the platform. But, in December 2020, Google announced it would be shutting Poly down on June 30th of this year. While support for Poly will continue on the platform, Styly users can now export Tilt Brush creations as a glb file and upload them directly to the app. More info about exactly how to upload can be found here.

“The closure of Google Poly will drastically reduce the number of places where Tilt Brush artists can present their works, which will in turn affect the creative activities of many artists and will be a major issue for the culture of XR art,” said Ryohei Watanabe, CMO of Psychic VR Lab, in a prepared statement. “We have decided to officially  support Tilt Brush with STYLY in order to support the creative activities of Tilt Brush artists in their continuous efforts to break new ground for XR art.”

Psychic VR itself raised a further $8.5 million in funding earlier this year, bringing its total raised to $18 million to date. Recently, the company launched a mixed reality version of its app for the Nreal glasses.

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