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Stride Gets Fitness UI, Weapons And Quests In Single-Player Update

Stride Gets Fitness UI, Weapons And Quests In Single-Player Update

New content for VR parkour game Stride focuses on the game’s single-player offerings.

The free Guns N’ Drones update is available now on both Quest and PC VR. It mainly features new additions for the Arena and Endless modes. The former gets two new weapons, including an Uzi and a shotgun. There’s also new quest types that see you race ahead of drones or seize control of their data and even lasso them. Check out a trailer for the updates below.

New Stride Updates Arrive

Endless, meanwhile, gets two new pickups. One gives you a speed boost to stay ahead of the wall of death. Another will actually slow down the wall. Plus there are new door types that have you shooting out locks to pass through.

Elsewhere, there’s a new fitness dashboard that tracks how much you’ve been moving over play sessions.

These additions arrive shortly after the launch of the massive multiplayer update for the PC VR version of the game. Currently there’s no word on if that content could come to Quest or PSVR. Developer Joy Way is also working on a single-player campaign for the game but says this is also only announced for PC right now.

Last week Joy Way clarified that it was trying not to “repeat past mistakes” when it comes to how it talks about its games following the cancellation of Outlier and confusion over what features were coming to which versions of the game.

Are you diving into Stride to check out the game’s latest updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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