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Stormland Release Window Confirmed For Holiday 2019

Stormland Release Window Confirmed For Holiday 2019

Excited for Insomniac’s latest Oculus Rift exclusive? Want to know the Stormland release window? Then you might want to watch the team’s latest livestream.

Insomniac this week hosted an hour-long stream for the anticipated VR game. It wasn’t a straight hour of gameplay as such, more an extended developer preview showcasing various assets and teasing new details. This week’s stream is mainly focused on world-building, an important part of making any VR game.

Before the team digs deep, though, Senior Community Developer Tim Salvitti confirms the Stormland release window. It’s releasing “Holiday 2019”. We already knew it was coming this year so that seemed somewhat obvious at this point, but it’s good to have confirmation. Perhaps we’ll get a final release date at Oculus Connect 6 in a few months?

Do stick around for the rest of the stream, though. The team goes into Stormland’s different ‘realms’ that you’ll visit throughout the game. They’re comprised of different islands that you can explore by yourself or with friends in co-op.

“We created a whole suite of tools to help us create the world. And so some aspects of that are procedural, a lot of aspects of that are handcrafted. I don’t want to pigeon-hole it into one or the other,” Lead Designer Mike Daly says, adding that players can ‘judge for themselves’ how procedural the game is.

Senior Environment Artist Jason Anderson adds that the game is a “good mix” of procedural and handcrafted tools.

Oh and, just in case you were wondering, the team also confirmed it’s definitely not on Quest. Sorry!

Like what you see? Well good news – Insomniac is planning to do more of them in the run-up to launch. We’ll bring you more details when we get them.

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