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Stormland: How To Play Co-Op In Insomniac's New VR Game

Stormland: How To Play Co-Op In Insomniac's New VR Game

Insomniac Games’ latest VR title, Stormland, is a great single-player shooter, but it’s even better in two-player co-op.

But how do you access the game’s co-op mode? If you’ve picked up the game today, you might notice the lack of multiplayer options in the variety of menus. No need to panic; this isn’t a missing feature. It just means you haven’t got far enough into the game yet.

How To Play Co-Op In Stormland

You actually need to play around 60 minutes of Stormland on your own before you can play in co-op. Early on in the game, you’ll travel to the Cycad Region, the first collection of islands that make the Stormland. One of the first main missions in the game is to respond to a distress beacon from a possible ally. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to unlock co-op.

To do this, you need to complete the Lost Operator side-mission. It’s a pretty simple mission that eventually leads you to an island with a crashed ship. Inside the ruins, you’ll find a tiny chip that, once installed, gives you access to the multiplayer menu.

How Co-Op In Stormland Works

From this point on, you can press the multiplayer button, located next to your Objectives and Index options on your wrist. You’ll then either be able to join a game, or invite another player to yours. You can access your Oculus friends list to send out specific invites, or link up with strangers.

Stormland is split into two main parts. There’s the opening story-driven segment, which lasts about four hours, and then the larger, evolving element where you work your way up the Stormland to Terminus. If you join another player in the same section as you, you won’t have any issues. But, if a player that’s completed the story section joins someone in it, they’ll be warned that none of their progress will be saved.

It’s essentially a means of helping others get through the story segment as smoothly as possible. Once they’re done, you’ll be free to tackle Stormland’s ever-evolving landscape together.

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