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Valve To Host Steam VR Fest Next Week

Valve is set to host a new Steam festival dedicated to VR titles next week.

Steam VR Fest was quietly confirmed at the beginning of June, before even last month’s broader Steam Next Fest had taken place. Running from July 18 – 25, the event will be “celebrating the world of virtual reality”, likely much in the same way other Steam festivals do. That means limited time demos for upcoming games and discounts for released titles. This will be the first Steam event that’s focused exclusively on VR games.

Currently we don’t know exactly what titles will feature at the event. It’s unlikely that we’ll have any actual new announcements from Valve during the week, but we are likely to find out about some new games we hadn’t seen before. Last month’s festival gave us playable demos of Kayak VR: Mirage and Requisition VR, for example.

Steam festivals offer developers a chance to promote their titles beyond the usual busyness of Valve’s digital gaming platform, though any developer with a VR game is eligible to take part in the event. We’ll of course be on the lookout for the most promising previews and make sure to fill you in on the best demos.

As for Valve at large? Rumors persist about a possible standalone VR headset codenamed Deckard, though it’s thought that any such product is likely a long way off. There’s also plenty of speculation as to if the company will make another VR game to follow-up Half-Life: Alyx, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

What are you hoping to see at Steam VR Fest? Let us know in the comments below!

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