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Sword Reverie, Ionia, More Get Demos In Steam Festival

Sword Reverie, Ionia, More Get Demos In Steam Festival

The Steam Game Festival is back to give you a taste of what’s to come in 2021, and there are plenty of interesting VR demos to sample.

New demos added in this iteration of the festival include tasters of Sword Reverie and Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia. The former is a Japanese sword combat game with RPG elements while the latter promises a visually-rich musical adventure.

It’s also brought some new VR games to our attention. Crystal Raiders promises online co-op adventures while Operation Armstrong revisits the idea of asymmetric multiplayer with non-VR users for a stealth virtual experience. Battle Blocks, meanwhile, looks like a unique take on multiplayer Tetris, getting two players to make cubes as quickly as possible from different shapes. Forest Farm is another attempt to scratch that Stardew Valley itch in VR, too.

The video above also mentions that polished-looking VR shooter, Blunt Force, is included in the festival but we can’t find the demo for ourselves yet. Just yesterday, however, developer Monad Rock assured that the game was still in development.

You can find all the available demos listed on this main page. Given these are on SteamVR you’ll be able to play them with pretty much any headset – if you have an Oculus Quest 2 you can hook your headset up via Oculus Link to play SteamVR content.

We’ll be diving into some of the most intriguing projects and reporting back with any that raise an eyebrow. The festival runs until February 9th so you’ve got some time to wade through the VR offerings.

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